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Advertising Using Social Media


A strong online presence is a must for any dental practice in highly competitive areas in New York or California. It's a great way for patients to not only find your practice, but learn about your personality, philosophy, and anything else we care to share with them. Now, with a strong social media presence, we can make those barriers separating us from our patients miniscule. For me, I like to post a mix of personal experience, hobbies, and clinical cases. (In that order).

Previously, we would need a patient to come into the office in order to connect with them and have them get to know us on a more personal level. With a personalized social media page, patients don't even have to meet you to know the kind of work you do. It allows us to attract a very specific type of patient that shares our interests and philosophies. I tend to have a stronger connection to patients that find me through social media as well as much easier case acceptance. They tend to have a very realistic expectation as to what to expect treatment wise because they've seen a lot of it before! It makes my job significantly easier because they come in already have a higher level of trust.

Avenues that can be used for advertising on social media include facebook/instagram ads, google adwords, digital marketing companies, or blogging. Also, keep in mind that patients want to get to know there dentist so there is nothing wrong with being open about your life so that your patients can get to know you better.

In this photo attached you can see me talking about sports psychology/dentistry in LA on the radio. It was a great experience

Happy Advertising!

Andrew Sarowitz, DDS

getPycked advisor

Submitted by getPycked on May 11th, 2019