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I wanted to write this blog post today to invite everyone to take a look at some of the new features on our site. We have added a variety of tools to add value to our dental community.

Okay this is overdue but… WELCOME DENTAL STUDENTS! I should have posted about this when we launched a month or so ago, but we have opened up our site to students. This was done primarily because we believe that beginning to incorporate a student community on our site will allow for getPycked to serve as a possible best practices’ recruitment site for future job placement of students getting ready to graduate. Initially, students will be able to scroll to match with possible mentors and brand themselves online prior to graduating. Their visible profiles will help dentists that are looking to hire an associate find them and review their CV’s. Students will also be able to look at the focus wheel of the dentists in order to contact dentists that share their passions.

I find it interesting that business school students who are at the top of their class are pursued and catered to by top tier consulting firms, yet often times dentists that are close to retiring or are looking for an associate, turn to posting ads on craigslist or waiting for “word of mouth” opinions on who is the best. This is an extremely outdated way of doing business and somethings gotta change! There should be increased communication between our graduating classes and dentists that are looking to hire. We should be helping our students match up for possible job placement rather than waiting for them to find some random corporate job in the boonies or refreshing craigslist in hopes of a good opportunity every 15 minutes. Does any other industry still use craigslist?! That is how I purchased a used piece of furniture in my 20s. Let’s start comparing our associateship positions to Crate and Barrel, not used furniture on craigslist. It’s time for getPycked recruitment.

We are excited to begin working with our student users and are planning a future partnership with ToothBank. Check them out at

Secondly, we have added a job placement page. This is where our dentist users can post job ads for assistants, hygienists, associates, office managers, etc. It will be visible to the general public and we plan on dedicating more time to growth here in the future.

Finally, to make things a tad more fun (impossible, I know) we have added photo pages! Plan on posting your before and afters on your profile page and linking them to your office. Show off that incredible work you do every day. Your patients will notice your rocking good art work, and your colleagues will be jealous of your accomplishments… our goal. Pushing everyone in the dental industry to achieve their potential and be the best dentist they can be! *Cue rocky theme song* No?

Take a glance at the site if you never have, sign up for our waitlist as a user if you have not yet been invited. Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!

Antigone Skoulas

Founder, getPycked

Submitted by Antigone Skoulas on January 17th, 2019