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Welcome to getPycked.

Our founders and team of advisors believe in bringing accountability, transparency, and trust back to dentistry. If you were sponsored to join our network - congrats! Our dentists are highly regarded as industry experts that promote quality of care and continuous career development. They take pride in their work and their colleagues have noticed.

If you are a patient we want you to choose the BEST dentist for a procedure based on peer reviewed recommendations. We want you to know who the dental industry thinks is the best dentist for you based on your specific preferences. This is not yelp. This is not zocdoc. We will provide you with credible recommendations of our providers through industry experts, not patients. You can search for a dentist or a specialist based on location, insurance, value, quality of work, or any other criteria. The dentists on our site have been hand selected, verified, and believe in positively reinforcing the development of their peers for the greater good of our patients.

Here at getPycked we bring unification to the private practice business model of dentistry as we bridge gaps and barriers in communication using technology. Tell us who you think is the best at a certain service through an endorsement and they will be rewarded with patients. We strive to promote higher industry standards and transparency among our colleagues through critique in patient care.

We hope you getPycked. Get ready for more blog posts to come!



Submitted by Antigone Skoulas on August 26th, 2018