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Karma Points for Dentists


Now in its third decade of existence, the Internet continues to serve as a resource of priceless information. Unfortunately, that information sometimes comes as false data, uncivilized debate, or even malicious misrepresentations. This is quite true for online reviews of dental offices.

Think back to the last time you were really upset with a business. Perhaps it was a rude customer service representative or the discovery of a shady sales technique. You may have been angry enough to leave a negative review of that business online. Anger is usually what motivates patients to leave bad reviews of our practices as well.

While we are always dismayed to see a one-star review of our business online, the first question we should ask ourselves and our team is "did we do something to deserve this or not?" It is quite possible that we unintentionally gave someone a terrible experience and win them back. We can contact the patient to try to makes things right and hopefully they'll remove the bad review along the way.

But there are other times that the fault really lies with the patient. We love our patients, but we occasionally treat people who have unrealistic expectations or are unpleasant and want to dictate patient care. In those cases, the bad review is likely to stick.

So dentists (and all businesses) need to find ways to regularly improve their online reputation. We can ask for positive reviews from patients and we can use services like getPycked which encourage other dentists to highlight the strengths of their colleagues. We need some more good karma online to balance any bad that has accumulated over the years.

At getPycked, karma points are available to help make your profile pages and office page more visible to patients and colleagues. The more you endorse colleagues and promote their strengths, the more you are also building your own online reputation via our site. Basically, do some good and get rewarded! As a user, like a service they have highlighted as most often performed at their practice, and your profile will also be more visible to patients - instant karma! 

See you on the site soon.

Chris Salierno DDS

getPycked, Advisor

Submitted by getPycked on April 10th, 2019