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High Tech, Ed Tech, Med Tech, and now… Dental Tech!


Emerging technologies are transforming the world at a never-before-seen pace. 10 years ago the people used to glance at printed out maps as they drove (remember Mapquest?), whereas nowadays people are glued to their phones as the driver they ordered up chauffeurs them to their destination. The technology in the palm of our hands is so powerful that it could launch rockets to the moon (and maybe have them land safely back on Earth!) Take a look at a few of the technological innovations that are transforming the consumer dental industry.

Toothbrush Tech:

Electric toothbrushes have been around for a while, however, now they are cordless, rechargeable, have timers, and are becoming “smart”. The smart brushes come with companion apps that let you monitor your brushing and provide recommendations to improve your oral hygiene (OralB Genius).

One of the newest inventions takes it one step further and changes the entire brushing experience. This Otobrush is an example of the mouthpiece style brush. The brush is shaped like a mouthpiece with a motor and claims to be significantly more effective and faster than standard brushing. You simply pop in the mouthpiece and the machine does the rest. No work required.

Business Model Innovation:

The traditional business models are also evolving. The rise of direct-to-consumer is improving access to dental supplies and equipment. Toothbrush companies now offer customers subscriptions where users can be mailed new brushes or brush heads (Quip). Patients don’t even need to see a dentist, they can get evaluated online. Patients looking for teeth alignment services can now get a diagnosis and an individualized correction plan in minutes online without having to get off the couch (Byte).

getPycked is the latest innovation in dentistry and is playing its part to evolve the industry by democratising access to information. getPycked is a platform for patients and professional that patients can use to find the best care and professionals can use to better connect with their community.

Bo Pulito

getPycked, advisor

Submitted by getPycked on January 27th, 2019